He Came and Went Very Quickly

Hubby had an overnight business trip, the son had a sleepover at his friend’s house.  I was bored and home alone. Usually, when that happens I try to take advantage of the situation.

I was in the mood to try someone new and was up for an adventure so I looked through my messages and decided to invite this guy over who I was chatting with for a few weeks.

He wanted to do dinner and a romantic walk. I honestly didn’t want all of that.  I was just in the mood for snacks, maybe a couple of glasses of red and of course sex. I didn’t have high expectations and would prefer not to give up my entire evening in case the company was terrible.

Nate just so happened to have the evening free. He was eager to come over to finally meet me.  He lived about forty minutes away and didn’t mind the drive. Also, he was bored at home.

A little background on Nate

A little background on Nate, He’s a personal trainer with a very large social media presence and steers all conversation topics right back to fitness and nutrition.  I honestly don’t mind dating the gym rats and muscle heads, stamina is usually amazing and let’s be honest, I find muscles very sexy.

After confirming that Nate was coming over, I began my nightly rituals. Showered, shaved legs/bikini area, lotion, perfume soft music and romantic lights in the bedroom. I slipped on my satin robe and slippers, sat on the couch with a glass of wine and waited for him to text me to open the door.

Nate Arrives at The Door

Finally, he arrived, I opened the door.  He looks just as he always does in his videos and pictures online, so no surprises thank goodness. What did surprise me was how nervous he was when he hugged me. Nate was sweating and shaking like a leaf.

I thought to myself, ” This evening is going to suck”.  I did my very best to calm him down, told him we didn’t have to do anything that he didn’t want to do. I offered him a glass of wine and sat next to him on the couch.

After about half an hour or so, he finally relaxed and began to smile, his smile was so sexy I could resist kissing him so I kissed him to see how he would react. He was a bit clumsy kissing me back, not from nervousness but lack of skills. Too wet and too much tongue.

Then He Did Something I’ve Never Seen Before

Nate picked up his phone and started scanning the mini bags of pretzels and peanuts. He entered the nutritional information for the wine in his MyFitnessPal App. I couldn’t help but laugh.  I asked him the calories in pussy juice (I felt a bit naughty ). He laughed so hard, choking on the wine.

After I had him calm and relaxed, I motioned for him to follow me upstairs.  We began kissing, my hand inside his sweatpants stroking and mentally admiring his cock, then within three minutes or so he orgasmed.

Nate apologized repeatedly. He swore that this was the first time that he came so quickly (I don’t believe him). He got dressed and kissed me goodnight. He literally came and went very quickly.  I finished off with porn and toys so I could fall asleep.

Sex On The First Date?-Yes Please;)

I was asleep when the email notifications on my phone startled me. As I scrolled through emails for what felt like a few seconds, then I found an email notification from tinder. It was one of those tinder articles that I get every now and then. This most current one Is called: ”In Defense Of Sex On The First Date” by Kristin Collins Jackson.

I’ve never met or spoken to the author of this article, but her views certainly resonated with me. In my view, Kristin Is a modern sex-positive woman (just like Amber Rose) who isn’t succumbing to slut-shaming or any of those antiquated views about female sexuality.

I’m tired of bullshit standards that are meant to keep us in our place and living with bad sex, just so that we can be respectable women deserving of partners or husbands.

I’m all for sex on the first date if we’re both horny. Like Kristen, I’m neither insecure, disrespectful to my body, easy or a woman of low standards. I’m simply a free-spirited woman who doesn’t feel the need to play silly dating games. If the chemistry is good, I don’t feel the need to wait. Actually, I prefer to find out if there is sexual compatibility straight away before investing time in getting to know a new man.


The Thirst Is Real

Hello everyone!

I realize that it’s been a while since my last blog post, sorry for the delay. Not much has changed since my last sexcapade. I guess you could say that I’m going through a bit of a drought right now (sex toys and porn are awesome 😩).

I am currently flirting with many men and eventually ( likely soon), a few will get lucky. To be clear, the drought is self-inflicted. Orgasms are so much more intense when I’ve been thirty for a while.

I’ve also promised myself to limit my dating pool to faithful readers of my blog ,it just makes life easier. I prefer to know up front if they’re fit well endowed and are able to please me before investing time in getting to know them.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Summer. It is looking very exciting! I’m going to wait until it all unfolds before kissing and telling. Oh I can’t help myself, here are a few clues: red, New Jersey and water.

Talk to you soon,



Thank You Everyone

I’ve  had this blog up for a couple of months and so far so good.  It’s certainly a great icebreaker and filter .  It was never meant to be a great literary piece or even educational.  It was just meant to be an outlet really, then It became a useful tool . I  never overthink when I’m writing and only proofread If I feel like It.  Basically I write  exactly the same way that I speak.

Maybe I’ll make It all fancy later on once I find beautiful pictures with inexpensive royalty fees that appeal to me 🤔and do more with It.

It’s pretty awesome that so many of you have taken the time to read any part of It. Thank you so much.

A Night With A Sexy Latin Lover

Can you picture this? If Rico Suave (Gerardo) and Prince were to create a love child, that’s what “Latin Lover” looks like. Long dark curly hair ( with tons of mousse and hairspray) and olive skin color. He lines his eyes much better than I do mine and dresses very trendy.   Somehow he seemed taller when we video chatted (He’s also two inches shorter than I am). Very fit, but on the skinny side.  When I matched with him on Tinder, I thought to myself ” I’m going to totally reawaken my high school fantasy of fucking Prince” ( yes, I was a naughty girl back then too). A night with this sexy Latin lover really excited me.

He is a strange one and that’s saying a lot coming from me. LL often timeless refers to himself in the third person and never answers a simple question with a simple answer. I’ll give you an example.  I asked him where he was from, his response: “Earth, but this cock Is Brazilian”. I thought to myself, this guy Is either some kind of porn star or stripper.  He just gives off that vibe although he never confirmed this with me.

We went out for drinks to test the chemistry In person.  He was every bit the consummate gentleman. Very attentive to my wants and needs.  He’s all about romance and a very skilled lover.  Even though  I enjoyed spending time with him, I felt the need to constantly fix my makeup and was afraid to wrinkle his perfectly ironed shirt.  He asked me to see him again when he comes back to my city In three month’s and I promised him that I would.

Want to Keep My Attention After We’ve Matched on a Dating App?

Here are some tips:

  1. Tell me you’ve read my blog and quote bits of It when chatting with me. I love that!
  2. Don’t be shy, send me the frontal nudes.
  3. Tell me about yourself , show your personality.
  4. Talk about sex, tell me what you’re into.
  5. When sending pics or videos, hide the clutter and clean your mirrors.
  6. Be respectful.
  7. Look like your pictures.
  8. Live video chat Is a must before meeting.
  9. If I’ve shown you through live chat or pics that I’m real, don’t pester me for additional pics/ videos. As you can see, I have pics/videos on Instagram and I’m newly on Snapchat if you wish to see more of me. Because of limited time, I cannot always do live chats. Remember, this Is recreational and not a job for me.


**Will add more tips as they come to mind.

Summer Vacation-I Call Him Daddy

He’s strong, hot and the complete opposite of shy with the right dose of kink.  I didn’t connect with him on a dating site or any of my usual ways.  He actually found me in a Kik group I was a member of a few months ago. I asked him his name, he replied: “my buddies call me Brian, but I want you to call me “Daddy”. Without hesitation, I called him Daddy ( I also call him Daddy because it turns me on).

 I told him I’m married, he replied: “I like taken girls“. I asked for a cock pic and playfully asked If he was scared. He sends me one immediately and replied: ” Who’s scared? Let me begin by saying he has nothing to fear In that department, Daddy is physical perfection.  He is handsome! Deep voice,  6ft 4 and jacked. He has the most gorgeous red hair (and a 10inch monster).

Xfinity Remote Test Not Needed

That monster Is a sight to behold.  It passed all of my cock judging tips with flying colors. Matter of fact, I never needed to ask for specific poses to prove that he was being truthful. I was in awe the first time I saw it.  Daddy Is very proud of his monster and likes It worshipped verbally and physically. 

His Commands

“Baby, I want to see you right now”! or “Show off for Daddy”. I get those messages from him often and like a giddy school girl, I’d stop whatever I’m doing and either send him a video or pic of myself. Sometimes It’s of me still In bed, or I maybe doing some work in my home office and Daddy just sends me a message wanting to watch my tits bounce.  It’s a nice sexy distraction so I’m happy to indulge him.

I’ll tell him of potential lovers or lovers I’ve seen and his most frequently asked questions are: “His he as big as Daddy ?” or “Are you getting good dick regularly”? He likes when I tell him everything.

Oh, I so wish we lived closer together. I do have some free time coming up this summer and he’s actually helping me plan a getaway around his town.

I’m actually a bit nervous writing about someone who reads my posts often and now will be reading my intimate thoughts about him. On the other hand, me being so candid In my posts gives him all the clues to properly ring my bell, this could actually enhance the experience.