I Miss You Sex

For me, the meaning of ” I Miss You Sex” is: I want it here , I want it now. Hurry up and get your hand on me and put your hard cock inside me. I don’t feel hunger or anything else except sexual longing and excitementment.

We see each other every other week currently until we iron out our schedules, so that we can see each other more often. Because Mac is my only lover and he lives three hours away, I have lots of solo sex at home base. For me, solo sex is  unsatisfying and makes me hungrier . So by the time I see Mac, even a sudden glance turns me on. The ” I Miss You Sex” tends to begin within the first fifteen minutes of my arrival to his place.

After about a three hour ride to NYC, I  arrived at the station . A few minutes later, I spotted  his platinum blonde hair, black lipstick and black leather studded collar. My heart begins beating fast with excitement and a bit of nervousness too.

We hugged, he takes my bag to carry it for a brief walk to the subway station and train ride to his place.  Somehow the 30-40 min train ride felt longer than the 3hr bus ride. We eventually made it to his place, then to his bedroom.  Then we dropped my bags to the floor and began undressing.  Just as he promised in previous conversations, his mouth was everywhere and he was balls deep

For the next two days, it’s none stop fucking.  The ” I miss you sex” was intense as it always is. We even managed to record a bit of it for my only fans page . I’m also working on a clips4sale studio which I’ll add later once I sort out the wifi issues .


“Kiss Me Like You Own Me”

This was the very first time in my life that I explored my sexually dominant side. We were naked and kissing in his bed, then out of no where , Mac made a request . His exact words where “kiss me like you own me”. I was a little surprised by the request because he when from making me beg for his cock to him begging for me to own him.

This was my first experience with someone who self identifies as a switch. I had the most exciting time with a lover that I ever had with him. We both set aside our inhibitions and had a wild two and a half days fuck fest . How do I put two days worth of an awesome experience in just one blog entry?

How did we meet?

Mac told me that he found my profile on OkCupid but, I only noticed him on Instagram. He began chatting me up in my DM’s but I was careful not to encourage him too much. I found him Physically attractive and appreciated his goth/punk/ vampiric looks, but I was unsure if he had a decent cock.

So after a couple of days of messaging each other, I was upfront and honest with my feelings. To my surprise , he sent me a cock pic and he was more than enough. I got excited and immediately made plans to meet up In NYC.

Day 1 In NYC

Mac met me at the bus stop upon my arrival and I was pleased that he looked the same, perhaps even better in person. After a short subway ride, we arrived at his apartment. I immediately did what I often do after a long day on the road, I took of my bra and sat on his bed to relax.

After about five minutes I asked him to give me a hug, which turned into a long kiss. Next we began touching each other.

We then got naked and somehow made it to the shower , then back to his bed where we had very intense foreplay. Lots of mutual oral.

One of our dialogues went like this:

Mac: What is it that you want?

Viv: your cock

Mac: say please

Viv: Can I please have your cock

Then he buries it balls deep inside my pussy. I thought that I was going to lose my mind from that much pleasure. You see, I hadn’t had sex in two weeks and for someone like me, that’s considered a drought.

I got on top of him while teasing his cock with my pussy, he looked me in the eyes and asked me to kiss him like I owned him. I did what came naturally to me and somehow expressed in a kiss that in bed right now, he’s mine . It worked.

Did we record some of the sex?

Out of the two days we spent together, we only recorded a small portion of it that I’ve been uploading to my Only Fans page. We both have plans to record more of what we get up to together so stay tuned.

Here is the podcast that Mac and I did together while on our most recent encounter

It’s Official, I’m Verified On Pornhub!

I’ve been a proud deviant for many years but never did it occur to me to get verified on Pornhub. I never felt it necessary since a simple google search yields me a ton of free porn, enough to keep me happy for days really.

It’s Actually A Community

In keeping with my style of mixing business with pleasure I’m verified on Pornhub to connect with other openminded people for fun and a bit of exposure.

Little did I know that it was an online community of sorts and the option to submit videos is available. I actually am going to try contributing videos to this community . A topless picture of myself is already posted just to see what would happen. I couldn’t resist, lol.

Taking Back What I’ve Said In The Past.

I know I’m going back on what I said in this blog about rolling a camera while fucking. I feel with the right “costar” I could get into letting the camera into my bedroom. The thought actually excites me. I literally watched twelve clips on the first day of opening my own account .

Much like youtube, I learned a lot from watching people’s styles. Some were shot using a mobile phones and not the best lighting while others spent time, effort and money to produce quality content.

Another bonus of becoming a verified member of pornhub.com is that it’s just as good as a dating website if you’re smart about it. Since my beloved KIK is getting shut down, I need a new home anyway.

In writing this post, another Idea just came to me! The blue check mark on my pornhub profile is just as good as the much sought after blue check marks on mainstream social media platforms! In other words, you know I’m verified and real.

I’d like to grow my subscribers on my new pornhub account, so go ahead and follow me;)

Latin Lover Just Knows When I’m In The Mood For Him

“LL” just knows when I’m in the mood for him. I see him every couple of months although we rarely text each other when we are apart.  But a week ago before he came to my city, he messaged me letting me know that he’s coming my way and would love to catch up.

I get in the mood for him

  • Remove all signs of body hair
  • Pantyhose (he has a pantyhose fetish)
  • High heels
  • Tight black dress
  • My reddest MAC lipstick
  • Catch an Uber to his favorite boutique hotel

I like to get to the hotel bar about half an hour early so that I can grab a glass of white to calm my nerves.  I usually prefer red but Id rather not stain my teeth on a date.

We finally meet up after months of not seeing each other

After I’m relaxed, I text him to meet me downstairs at the bar. Several minutes later, I felt him behind me breathing on my neck.  “LL” greats me like he always does:” hello beautiful, it’s been a while”.

He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans with his jet black long, curly hair in a ponytail. He wears the kind of jeans that makes me lose my mind and act like a babbling idiot. Fitted to his body showing off all the work he puts in the gym. The cock that has to go in the pant leg because there simply isn’t enough room in the crotch area to contain all of it.

After getting my thoughts together, I turned around, gave him a hug and told him how good it was seeing him again.  We had a couple of drinks, then he tells me the room number so I can find it and he gets to walk behind me. He likes watching me walk.

Let’s get naked

We undress each other while kissing slowly.  I’m feeding off his energy.  “LL” untied his hair and used the hair tie as a cock ring ( nice touch). After letting his long hair flow, he uses it l like a feather duster, on my naked body while I’m laying on my back.

Then he grabs a pillow, puts it under my ass and pours wine on my pussy, then licks it off.  I’m pretty sure that the pillow is ruined, but it was so much fun. After making me cum I decided to return the favor and run my tongue up and down the length of that cock, then take him into my mouth. I did that for a while, then he told me to get on all fours (he is obsessed with my ass) so he could grab, smack and make it jiggle as he fucked me hard. then he finishes on my ass.

Until we meet again

We showered together then went to sleep for a while. I then got up and got dressed, kissed him on the cheek goodbye, then caught a taxi home.

See LL’s Introduction Here.