August 17, 2019

Thank you all for staying with me on this awesome ride.B57B1FED-F818-4474-8936-F43AAEF8DBEC


August 10, 2019

It’s almost the middle of August already and summer is almost over.  Where did the time go? I always feel a bit sad this time of year because the cold weather is around the corner and I’m not a fan of winter. This summer was so much fun. It’s as though I were on a natural high. I wish I could stay up in the clouds forever and never come down.  Maybe I wouldn’t ever need to come down (at least for a while ) if I had a regular home-based playmate. The plan is to work on that, make the DMV area my home as much as possible since I have to live here for a few more years.  I will choose to have more fun and amazing experiences so hopefully I won’t notice the awful cold weather that will be here shortly.

This upcoming week looks promising. I’m catching up with old friends and making some new ones, so I’ll be quite busy which is a good thing.

**Guys, don’t forget to submit your questions for the “Confessions Of A Size Queen”. It’s so much fun answering them and giving you some clues on how my mind works.  I’d also like to have a fun interview with a bull if he’s brave enough to do a podcast with me.

Fun In Atlantic City My Way

It’s amazing how a turn of events brings certain people into your life. Last month I went to the New Jersey shore to meet up with someone who I had an online relationship of sorts with for over six months. The visit went well but because he was busy with work on my second day on the island, I swiped right on a dating app and “Carlo” came right over had we had mind-blowing sex together, It so happened he ended up being a better fit for me. We clicked so much that we kept in contact, chatting almost every day.  I promised him that I would return for a visit in a month’s time and that I’d only be seeing him. To be honest, with his endless energy and an insatiable appetite for sex, he’s all I could handle during a trip. Heck, it’s been two days since my return home from Atlantic City and I’m still walking funny.

After my first time meeting him, he planned on visiting me in Maryland two weeks later, but he couldn’t get the time off work so we stuck to the original plan of me making a short two day trip to Atlantic City with him staying with me the for the trip’s duration. I thought to myself, I’m going to have fun and also get some pictures for my social media and my “Only Fans” page, mixing business and pleasure. To be honest, I wish I had a third day booked for the business side of things, but I otherwise thoroughly enjoyed my trip.  There was no gambling or any of the things that people are expected to do when one is staying in a hotel/casino.  In my view, it was seventy percent sex and thirty percent sightseeing and pictures.

The trip began with him picking me up at the bus station, a short ride later we arrived at the hotel and checked in immediately.  We went up to the room, dropped our bags. He turned on the tv, plopped down on the bed and gestured for me to snuggle with him to watch tv with him.  I thought to myself, he must be tired. I wasn’t disappointed because I slept very little the night before, had a long trip. I wouldn’t mind a short nap so I joined him. Within seconds, his hand was down my top and we were kissing. I thought to myself;” ok, I guess we’re having sex right now, “.  Next thing I knew, we were both naked and he was in me and bending my body for his pleasure like a pretzel. It stormed the first night on the trip so we stayed in the room, had room service and several rounds of sex.  We showered, chatted for a while and fell asleep.

I woke up the morning after staring at him sleeping next to me for a few minutes. He must have felt me staring at him because his eyes opened and he pulled me to him for a kiss, then he pushed my head under the covers for a morning blow job, which I was happy to give. We had more sex, then got showered up and dressed to go out for the day.  He offered to drive me around town to show me all the sights so I could get nice pictures so that’s what we did. Then returned to the hotel to relax.  Our room had such a nice view and we were on the twelfth floor, so I sat on the couch and peered out the window for a while with my camera, next thing I knew, I felt his hand up my dress, then fingers inside me.  So as you’ve guessed, I was distracted and didn’t get a lot of pictures.



I’m Not A Teacher

I lack patience and desire to teach an inexperienced lover anything.  This may sound selfish, but I’m being honest.  Giving you instructions on how to kiss or touch me will take the fun out of It.  Being with you felt like a job and when hobbies begin to feel like work, I quit them.  I like you as a person and think you’re very good looking but you didn’t make me cum and I’m not going to pretend you did to make you feel good.  That would be wrong, leading you to continue with your awkward kissing and touching with others.

I wish you hadn’t lied to me and told me that you’ve been with a lot of women, I would have avoided you. No way in hell you have the experience you claim. You had no clue where my clitoris was!

I remembered this scenario because of watching “90 Day Fiance The Other Way”.  In this particular episode, Laura a woman in her fifties married a very handsome and fit man in his late twenties name Aladin who is from Tunisia but lives in Qatar for work. Looking at him, one would think he’d be amazing in bed but Laura let it be known to the world that Aladin lasts only two minutes in bed and doesn’t do it for her sexually.  She thought bringing sex toy with her on her move to Qatar to be with him would spice things up but she was wrong.  He took the introduction of a vibrator by her as a threat to his manhood.

My advice to laura is to pack up her bags and move back to the USA.  In my opinion, any man that’s against sex toys isn’t going to be open sexually and will be a bore in bed. Aladin is very nice to look at but you will be miserable and end up becoming an unofficial hotwife;)


Back In Maryland

It’s been three weeks since my time at the Jersey Shore. I had such a nice time there and cannot wait to return. I haven’t written in this blog for a while but it’s because I’m working on perfecting my selfies on Instagram and planning my next adventures.  I’m taking kissing and telling in this blog to another level.

I want pictures of these gorgeous men to go along with my blog entries and Instagram  (Photoshopping tattoos and concealing identifying marks, scars, etc. are all fine with me by the way. )I’m putting it out there in the universe that along with good looks and a nice cock, I think an exhibitionist type would be such fun and a turn on.

Years ago I had such a playmate. He was comfortable at nude beaches and public play though at the time I wasn’t ready for that. “Carlo” reminds me of that period in my life.  Time with him almost feels like I’m waking up in the middle of an amazing dream, given the opportunity to go back to sleep and picking up where I left off.

More to come…

A Warm Welcome To The Jersey Shore

I returned from an amazing couple of days trip two days ago, but It still feels so surreal to me. Nice food, a cozy beach town on the New Jersey shore and fun with two sexy men.  One of which was a surprise, more like a bonus really.  This little getaway was initially for me to meet up with “Daddy” finally and to do touristy things but there was a slight change of plans. Fortunately, a change that worked so much in my favor I can hardly believe it.  If I weren’t still sore, Id think I dreamt the whole thing.  Initially, l was going to do an audio blog, but I wanted to be certain that nothing was left out. Lets  just dive right into the the getaway.

Day 1

I arrived late  afternoon after a long ride ( I took the bus because driving in unfamiliar towns triggers my anxiety ) and checked into an  old-fashioned but overpriced inn . It had its charm and was very clean so I didn’t hate the dark floral bedding and Miami Vice style furnishings . Daddy and I were texting each other so he’d know how I was doing on the journey while he was still out playing golf .  I got showered up, put on a sundress, went next door and bought some beers for the mini fridge then went back to my room to relax. He messaged me :” Babe lemme me see you” So I sent him pics and videos of me relaxing and having a drink.  He then asked If I was ready for him to come over and what I’d like to do.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to answer.  Did he want to take me out on the town? Did he want sex? I was nervous and excited all at once.  I replied to the message saying: ” I’m open to whatever. Just come over and we’ll figure it out”  About twenty minutes later he was knocking on my door.

He took two steps in, looked me in the eyes and said ” Hey baby”. I was about to reply, but he already started to kiss me and alternated between  slapping and grabbing my ass.  He then  used  the weight of his body to push me on the bed and  asked :” show me your tits” you’ve been teasing me with those for months”. He began  playing with them and sucking on them. I was getting so turned on , I reached for his zipper, but then he told me not yet and to remove all of my clothes first  which I did. He then got fully naked finally. I was in awe.  Seeing him in video chats and pics before was one thing, but in person I literally was in awe of his physique and cock. Next thing I remember happening was him inside me , and being tossed  around like a rag doll in a variety of positions. He was amazing. He  got dressed and with a smile told me depending  if he’s  needed for work  or not, the following day he’d like to spend more time with me. The original   plan was for us to spend both days together, but I arrived right on the cusp of the busy season for his work and had to modify our plans. Aside from wishing that we had more time together, he was everything I hoped he’d be.

Day 2

I woke up in the morning tired and sore from the night before so I decided to go to the beach , then lounge by the pool.  I was seriously too out of it to do too many touristy things like I usually do, but I was still horny. I scrolled through a dating app (which I won’t mention because they’re not sponsoring me) and came upon a profile of this gorgeous olive -skinned man with midback jet black hair , dark eyes and tattoos.  He just oozed sex appeal.  For his privacy, I’ll call him “Carlo”.

Carlo was smart enough to research me and knew the magic words to get me to respond to him.  He mentioned that he was pretty hung. I thought to myself, could it be that I’m going to have two amazing experiences in a forty-eight hour span?  I got greedy and sent him several messages hoping he’d see them before I had to return home to Maryland. Luckily at around 8pm he responded and we exchanged numbers.  After chating and exchanging pics on our phones, he told me that my hotel was forty minutes from his place but he was willing to make that trip to come see me .  I was excited, It felt like christmas . I was packing up my things while wearing my bathrobe, then he knocked on my door. I opened it and immediatley he greated me with a hug and kiss. he then grabbed my braids and wrapped it around my neck and choked me lightly.  I thought to myself, I’m getting no sleep tonight, its about to be wild. we both got naked, then he did something a little cheeky. He pick up the thong I was wearing, then kind of rubbed it on his face while sniffing it , then went dowm on me. then a variety of sexual positions (he also threw me around like a rag doll which was fun). My pussy was getting really sore after a while so we took a break and watched porn on my phone, then within twenty minutes of watching a variety of porn clips, he was hard and ready for part two. I was also really horny so I asked him to be gentle this time around and not to go balls deep,and to please be gentle with my nipples, he smiled and replied ok. He was amazing, perfect mix of romance and dominance. Afterwards, he got dressed to go home because he had a long drive ahead and had to be up early for work.  He asked me when I’d return because he’d  like to make sure to carve out time in his schedule for me for next time I’m in town.

I had an excellent first time visit to the New Jersey shore.  I still cannot believe how lucky I was to have  two such amazing experiences.


Confessions Of A Size Queen Pt.5 (audio)

  1. What’s been the assumptions people have had of you since being a size queen?
  2. Is a guy being assertive to get your attention a turn on or a turnoff?
  3. What’s one thing you wish people would stop assuming about you?
  4. How long do you hope to keep your blog going and what’s the next goal you want to accomplish for it?

* Submitted by Kevin H.